Archie Wilder

by Archie Wilder

In reply to what deborahkhora said. I am 100% in agreement with you.Everything thing in world is so sexualized, that it fuels these sick individuals desires who have no self-control. But I’m going to show you something from a different angle that might surprise you.Just as you said public masturbation is considered a petty crime.But I know for a fact that they lead to more serious crimes.A few yrs ago a young lady by the name of Regan Tokes was killed in Columbus, Ohio.And she was raped,robbed,and murdered by a guy who I was incarcerated with by the name of Brian Goldsby.Now how this relates to our topic, is that this man engaged in abnormal behavior while incarcerated. Let me explain. In Ohio prisons, their is a rule infraction called a rule 14:seductive or obscene act, which includes masturbating or exposing your genitals to the female staff.He was one of those guys who engaged in that.And the punishment for those infractions was so light, that most of the men who engaged in that activity could careless about the consequences. And I’m not talking about this guy violating this rule infraction a couple of times.I’m talking about to the point of, that you know that its a sickness.And he isn’t the only one,its hundreds of them in Ohio prisons. And we are allowing these men to go back out into society without getting help for their sickness. And most of them go undetected, because they are not in prison for a sex crime so they do not have to register. I know guys who have 20 and 30 of these on their jacket. I also know a guy who left prison and masturbated on the mail lady. I know guys who have been incarcerated for 20+yrs,and they go in front the parole board. And they have been given a continuance of 6to12months.And have been SPECIFICALLY TOLD,do not catch another rule 14 violation and you will be granted a parole.Do you know that most of them have failed to make parole. I understand that I’m in prison, but they need to do more to protect society from these individuals with this sickness. I remember at one point in Ohio prisons, If you stared at a female staff to long,they would put you in solitary confinement for reckless eyeballing. But now they are allowed to stare and stalk the ladies with minimal or no punishment.And I feel as though they don’t train the staff enough to know what they are looking for. Because those of us that live here, we see it a mile way.Some of the people who work here never recognize it.They walk around in groups looking for women to stalk.I’m pretty sure most people in society don’t even know this problem exist. It’s not as bad here at this level 2prison.But at levels 3&4,its a major problem. Abnormal sexual behavior needs to be addressed, no matter where its taking place.Because I know that this behavior leads to more serious crimes.

DOC #414-917

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