Erick Lawshea

Thinking To Myself, by Erick Lawshea

Hello! World,

I’m just sitting here! thinking to myself while I’m locked down in my cell in prison, like I’m tired of this shit! this life ain’t for me. I know because I enjoy my freedom and love my kid’s too much, and I been, and took a lot of the so called people who really care about me, threw some shit! Shout out to Ms.Rodgers I love u mommy and I Apologize for everything I put u through. As of right now though, I’m on some Drake shit! I just wanna be successful. I don’t care about the fame, and trying to keep up with everybody else, I just wanna be a real man, and have my shit together so I can be able to take care of my kid’s, and myself as well in the future, when I get released from prison.

I know how it is coming from the slum’s being broke and poor, and down at the bottom. I’m trying to break this cycle and be a better dad to my kids, than my dad was to me! I’m trying to make this my last time being in prison, and not follow my dad’s footsteps. I’m really trying to get rich, or die trying, don’t nothing come to a sleeper but a dream. I can’t be a brother who sitting around waiting for something to fall in his lap, or looking for a hand out, that’s not me! I feel like the people in the free world right now! got every excuse in the world, why they broke, or fucked up, in debt, and behind, and don’t got the career, or not able to live the life they want, is because they pure plain ass lazy. And this go for the old, and young people. Everybody living a fairytale out there in the free world, and the blind leading the blind, and everybody being brain washed by the government.

When it come to me, I’m not gone sit around and make excuses, or sleep on nothing. I’m a get up grind hard, and go get it, and be a go getta. I know how to come up from nothing, u can put me in a jungle and I’m gone come out that bitch with a mink coat, and some gator shoes. U got 3three kind of people in life, u got people who wait for it to happen, u got people who watch it happen, u got people who make it happen, And I’m gone be the Nigga! who make it happen. Being broke and fucked up is not an option for me anymore! I’m not living for me, I got three kids to feed. I was born broke and fucked up, ain’t no telling when I’m gone die, so I cant die, broke and fucked up that’s backwards to me. I’m trying to transition over and be done with this street shit! I wanna be legal and legit now! I know how to do the easy bad stuff. I wanna break off into the corporate world, and own and run my own business and pave a way for my children, mother, and siblings. All I’m saying right now is the system made a mistake when they gave all this time to think, because now I got the wittiest game plan to my success, I’m gone make em pay for this 9nine yrs I just did away from my kids, and my mom. the best remedy to get back at people, is to kill em with success. If anybody wanna get at me! and build more about this topic contact me below.

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