Micheal Roston

The Truth Behind the American Dream, by Micheal Roston

Adhere, to the truth behind the “American Dream”. Old Donald Trump greatly insure that he will restore the “True American”. Mr.Trump should of played the “Dixie” song ait all of his rallies. He could of perform it like Dan Emmett in 1813 while black faced. How Ironic is that? However, for “whites” “dixie” personifies the good old magnolin days, when free or cheap black labor made lufe and “living so easly”. The truth behind the “American Dream”. While history repeats it’s self, do the fact that every mental, physical, emotional, and spiriual jouney “African “, people went through to reach a point of fuifullment. On the contrary we still have modern day slavery. The thought process of elimination, which the catholic chruch recommended “blacks”, because they felt one “black’ was worth three to four indian siaves. The catholic chruch recommended at least five reasons to ensure “African blacks” to because the “chosen people of enslavement”. Furthermore, the Roman catholic chruch had three popes and black saints. St.victor 1 (189-199a.d.) melchiades (311-312 a.d.), And St. Gelasias 1 (492a.d). So how thr first religious denominations to recommend and sanction “blacks” enslavement, contending that “blacks” were “inferior human being”. But they already elevated “black” to the infallibility of popehood, and high calling of saint hood. Once again, we regate “old american”. As “African” poeple, we strive to become free, not seen as a sambo, underboys, or shall brown. These remarks define a powerful nation. Indeed, the council for the Mayland colony edict stated: neither the existing “black” population, their descendents nor any other “blacks” shall be permitted to enjoy the fruits of “white Society”. This public statement later became more commonly know as “The Doctrine Of Exclusion”. Still the truth behind the “American Dream” reflect a round about belief. Booker T. washington: The Great Compromiser Speech. He was invited by conservative “whites” to speak, were cotton states and international exposition in Atlanta on September 18, 1895. Washington’s awesome words was that most memorable and most devasting, in the histroy of this records nation, sorry willie Lynch. Instead of empowering “African” poeple to stand for their constitational rights and daily lynched. Booker T. Washington encourged African” people to accommodate “whites” by renouncing their interst in racial equality, to accept a subordinate staus and structual economic inequalities in exchange for some “separate but equal educational assistance “through out the south, but especially for his school in Tuskesee, Alabana. You might think a pioneer for “African” people he would not encourage contiue slave acts. For, example, If I woke up this moring and I decideed to smoke method. And for what reason? Than, I rethink my actions because I know that the end results are destructive. For what ever reason Washington counseled “African” people to “cast down your bucket where you are…. to stay farmers, mechanics, and domestics.” He further comforted “whites” by stating th at in all things purely social, we can be as separet as the fingers on the hand. And urged “whites” th hire negroes rather thatn immigrants “because negroes were the most patient, faithful, law abiding and unresentful people that the world had ever seen. Maybe, that is why Mr. trump wanted the old “White American” back. Before, us the wisest among our race understand that the agitation of questions of social equailty is the extremist of folly. And on top of that the United States Supreme Court handed down its famous Plessy v Ferguson decision, and the legal doctrine of separte-but-equal, the basis of Jim Crow segrgation. Thank you for the conniving words Booker T. Washington. That still has the truth behind the “American Dream”. Mr. Trump has the Good Ole Boy belief. Not accepting the idea of the “ex-slaves” voting, running for public office,attending school. The fact of these social changes might encourage “African “people to try to be equal to or complete with “whites”. We can see why the police have no regards of killing young “African ” man. However, by their actions “to keep “African” people in their Place”. By preaching “White superiority over “African” people and any other vulnerable minorities. This is something what I have learn. Researching the past history can effect a person dearly. So the reader’s detach oneself eomotionally. It is vary hard to understand why the “African “people? Why target this nation of people? To this day racism is what makes American wonderful. In the eyes of the beholder. The land of the free, unless your are a majority. Now you are winning the race. This is the truth behind the “American Dream”.

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