Poem – Daughter, by Johnnie Harria

my daughter is my life and joy,my laughter,peace of mind,and most beautifulest flower of choice.she means the world.she very smart,and kind at heart,shes quick to listen and slow to talk.when im sad in darkness or depressed, i look at her picture and my light comes back. i like the fact that when she needs she never ask,thats why i spoil her every chance i get. i miss the times we would run and play,.or joke around with mom and laugh the day away. love you liyah…always dad

Johnnie Harris
DOC #664-626

Categories: family, Johnnie Harris, poems

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  1. Wow. That was incredible, and had real heart in it. This man put his soul into this… would you please give me permission to reblog it on my poetry site Of course I would give him (And you Inmate Blogger) full credit, plus a followback link. If you said yes…


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