Joshua Hairston

Head Shot, by Joshua Hairston

July 6th, 2019; Greensboro, North Carolina Cop SHOT 27 year old, 5 foot 1, 120 pound, Unarmed, Black Female IN THE FACE!!!

Paulickia Jazmine Hairston, was approached by officers while, in her car, attempting to leave a previous residence, after collecting some left behind belongings. The officer, along with several other officers, “responding” to a call, in which a firearm was mentioned, noticed a car leaving the scene; believing the car held a gun, a suspect, or some obvious reason to defend himself with deadly force, the officer went on the offensive and SHOT Paulickia Jazmine Hairston IN THE FACE!!!

Will He Be Made To Answer For This Egregious Breech Of Procedure, Or Is This Enforcer Of Law, Like We Have So Often Seen, Above The Law??? The People, as a whole, HAVE to Demand Justice when the institution established for that purpose, makes plain its conscious Denial of this Human Requirement, to a certain group of people, in clear discord with its own principles. WHAT are WE going to DO?!

Joshua Hairston
DOC #1411138

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