Richard Davidson

by Richard Davidson

My name is Richard A Davidson, my case number is CRI20160326, I was wrongfully convicted of a crime I had no idea was being committed. Judge Steven P Beathard knows he wrongfully convicted me, I know he wrongfully convicted me, and the alleged victim knows he wrongfully convicted me.
I was wrongfully sentenced to (4) years in prison, I am making a sworn vow right this minute and I want him to know, when I get out, I will be taking my military retirement benefit payments and using it to pay for a private investigator. For the following (4) years after I am released from prison, if Judge Beathard goes out to dinner with his family and drinks a glass of wine with his dinner, someone will be calling the police to report him for drinking and driving. If he throws trash on the ground, makes a illegal u-turn, doesn’t use his turning signal, or double parks his car, there will be someone contacting the local police department to report him for his illegal actions.
I will spend the following (4) Years of my life after being releaed from being wrongfully imprisoned making certain that Judge Steven P Beathard does “not” get re-elected, I will spend the following (4) years of my life raging an online war against his character, his pride, as his inability to correct his mistakes is going to cost him more than he thinks.
Myself and everyone I know will make damn certain of it.. It is my constitutional right to freedom of speech and it is my civic duty to report any illegal actions committed by anyone, at any time. He is not above the law, I KNOW a lot more than what he thinks. He can never take more than (4) years from me, but I can take much more from him…

Richard Davidson
DOC #A737319

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