Max McBride

by Max McBride

Look thur our eyes:

Cell living ,count time!
No movement ,No love
No mail,living in hell
Out of sight ,Out of mind
Calling to the free world
everybody lieing to you
About simply shh…..
Like you never existed
Like you ain’t hold it down
When you was out
All we can do is love ourself,
hug our self!
But some of us can’t take it
So we go crazy and get on medication
Thinking we free now,but in reality,
we speeding up are death
Losing are minds thinking ,Can I please
be free!
All we got is past memories of what are
lives use to be
Now me I can honestly say I believe in God
Because by the grace of him I’ve become
one the strong ones in here
But Know and I mean Know this
It wasn’t easy!
Ain’t nobody special,some of us just
fight everyday for are life and win
So look Thur our eyes
And understand, we humans to with
That made huge mistakes!

To all that read this if you got somebody
that’s in prison they need ya love and
understanding So please do ya part
Love is the strongest thing on earth!
#We should be free
#Familys we love you ,Can we hug you

Max McBride
DOC #A466513

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