Robert Brandy

DOPE BOY, by Robert Brandy

Dope Boy!
You ‘ah sale yo Mom ‘ah stone so you can rock ‘ah precious stone,
But that chain around yo neck won’t mean much when yo head gone,
But, go on… Get yo shine on,
Them same jewels that you ‘rockin them young Goons got they eyes on,
Carties on his face, but he walk around in blindfolds,
For his wristwatch Shorty walked up on ’em with his eyes closed,
Emptied the clip and dumped his body in ‘ah different time zone,
I guess that’s how it’s ‘layin when you tryna get yo shine on,
Dude wanted my advice so I threw ’em a gem,
I told ’em that that chain around his neck was drawing attention to him,
He said, his life was like steel on bone; A hard grind,
And that he came up from the bottom and just wanted to shine,
If some JEWELS compromise your worth – THEY OWN YOU.
That record exec who put that chain around yo neck don’t let ’em own you.

DOC #428-509

(excerpt from Throes of Poverty: The Garbage Can Experiment)

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