Antonio Powell

Don’t Nothing Change, by Antonio Powell

Spokenword // Poem

24 hours in a day so just listen to what I got to say…..Up at 6 O’clock waiting for the police to pop my cage,,,,Hard to maintain when I’m filled with nothing but rage,,,,I wash my face and I brush my teeth take a look in the mirror asking myself what happened to me,,,,I miss being Free,,,thuggin hard on the streets but then take a look in this penitentiary mirror that’s what happened to me could’ve been 6 ft deep Gambling with life like it was sweet,,,its like 7 something get dress just to walk the halls and go get something to eat,,,C.O’s antagonizing Inmates so when they say something to me,,,,I don’t even speak,,,,I’m back in the cell waiting for 9 O’clock to hit so I can be watching The Real,,,get on the phone call my lady and explain to her how this shit making me feel,,,I’m surrounded by dudes wit life I pray they get they appeals,,,you don’t kno the struggle of poverty yo family left you a will,,,,Dang its 10:45 now its count time,,,on the streets I had money in hand and I would count mines,,,now lm locked in a box watching a clock just to count time,,,,Dude just got a Visit from his lawyer say his right hand dropped dimes feelings of anxiety,,,depression and stressing running down spines,,,11:30 back in the chow hall,,,,eat lightly cuz at 12:10 its about time for rec crashing out just making a mess,,,thoughts to myself like what’s next,,,its 1:40 really ain’t got nothing to do,,,drop down take a nap just a little pass 2,,,its 2:45 take a look out the door you doing all type of weird stretches because that rack got you sore,,,,its been shift change you pop your towel out just so you can walk the range 3:30 hit its count time once again you pressing yo rack daydreaming about a Benz or if you would’ve made a different decision what it could’ve been 4:30 time flying like little birdies people calling yo name you act like you ain’t heard’em cause they really ain’t talking about nothing just jail house politics that stuff get funny 5 O’clock owee my show on this dude I don’t even kno seen i ain’t go to the store toss me a care pack now Im like what bro on I give it back he like you don’t remember me we was intake together you bought me toothpaste so I could brush my teeth oh alright wassup wit G,,,We get to talking about all type of stuff and how we miss being free,,,lost track of time its 7:45 they come around with med pass yes I’m about to get high 9’O’clock everybody off work call mom dukes just to see how her day was at work,,,,then I’m calling pops he be having me laughing non stop,,,call my brother from around the way he told me how old buddy got dropped,,,Then last call of the Day Gots to speak to Wifey just to hear her voice she tell ask me constantly why I leave her I just say baby I ain’t have a choice Kno that I love you and I’ll be home soon you kno the deal but its hard when you got a long ass time and you fighting for an appeal,,,well its 10:00 and the day pretty much over with don’t nothing change but the days and the season ready to go home for whole bunch of different reason#100


Antonio Powell
DOC #A750-160

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