Dana Rister

Caged Mind/Shackled Spirit, by Dana Rister

I remember standing in a school yard at recess in pemberville new jersey it was the second school that I went to that year. it would not be the last. I was standing with my back to a wall looking out over the playground all the kids were playing. I felt like a stranger in a strange land. yesterday I had deja vu. I was in the rec yard. and I had that same out of place feeling. in school I was always the new kid. I went to twelve schools in ten years. I’d given up caring by the seventh grade. always the new kid in town the new kid in school the new kid on the block. for a shy kid this was rough. now its not about being shy. I’m over that. but I’m stuck in a world where its best to just stay to yourself. any friend you make in here will become a liability……..

Dana Rister
DOC #609147

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