Daniel McKinney


You are what you eat! Have I said that before? People embrace that cliche either figuratively or, believe it or not, literally. Of course we’re more than what we eat. We’re product of what air we breath, what foods we eat, what fluids we drink, and – crazy enough – what microparticles our skin absorbs, among other things known and unknown to man. So, more properly said, we’re Earth’s most expensive byproduct! As the Earth thereby ventures so shall we.

Man being so intrinsically joined with the Earth, isn’t it only obvious that how goes the state of the Planet so goes forth its inhabitants, animal and plant species alike. Okay, so knowing this shouldn’t it too be a truth that we’d naturally excercise environmentally sound socio-political methods, assuring the well being of our environment while attaining prosperity in our routine lifestyle.

Urban organic farms, hands-on community investments (CSA – Community Supported Agriculture), represent an ideal method to restore the local environment and establish income and job creation empowerment.

Also, it allows a budget saving measure whereby the grocery bill is substantially reduced. Self produced organic fruits and vegetables swell the fridge, shelves and pantry so that the dinner table holds a routine bounty of highly nutritional organic delicacies. And should this healthy eating model be passed forward to our youth, then we’ve likewise invested in reclaiming an organic way of life that toxic industries both directly and unwittingly pollutes away.

Yusuf B. McKinney, A468437, P.O. Box 4501 (A468437), Lima, OH 45802-4501, join the conversation @ http://www.jpay.com

Daniel Yusuf McKinney
DOC #A468437

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