Davin Wallace

What Do They See, When They See U? by Davin Wallace

Read Acts 4:1-13
How would u like to be super full of the glory of God that it’s evident to those around u? How great would it be, when people look at us they know we been w/Jesus? It’s possible for all who have been born again & filled w/the Holy Spirit. The same mighty power that changed us inwardly when we were saved can so manifest outwardly that even strangers on the street will be able to see Jesus in us.
When i was @ Nottoway Correctional Center it come across my mind as to why did so many people(inmates & staff) ask me to pray for or & w/them. i remember a few occasions when certain individuals who i never would thought even desired prayer, would come to me w/confidence & peace & ask for prayer. At first i did use to think why me. Then eventually i realized it wasn’t me but it was God. And one day i realized i had been praying for this for a while prior to people even asking me to pray. i use to & still do ask God that His anointing be on me & that people see Him rather than seeing me.
i have had some people tell me it was something about me that attracted them to me or something about me that was unexplainable good.
i eventually understood that what the people was the glory of God! It was on me at times like it was on Moses when he came down from Mount Sinai. That type of radiance brought joy, peace, healing, confidence etc etc to people. And in no way can i boast as its about me because i am just the vessel as everyone else God has created & has chosen to use. i realize i’m nothing apart from Christ & what charisma, looks, skills or natural gifts i thought was my greatest values was merely an illusion in my own mind. My value has been revealed & displayed by being in the presence of Christ. And as i spend more time in the presence of Christ i can expect people to recognize Him, His power & glory w/me. And His presence upon us will meet needs everywhere we go. So its vital we get in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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