Eyba Brown


Most people feel the Klu Klux Klan was extremely dumb, just look at the way they spelled their name. I am a black man, and I believe they are extremely smart. The white hooded sheets covered the faces of many sheriffs, police officers, and local businessmen. The organization thought outside the box, they took off those white hooded sheets and a majority put on fresh starched black robes.

My judge name was Timothy Ellender, and he wore a fresh starched black robe. Everything I say can be proven, my docket # is 295,969 in Terrebonne Parish. I do not worry about defaming a character, I speak fact not fiction. My character has been defamed for 22 years, by a judge that has been suspended twice in his career. So, I ask, who still believe the KKK is dumb?

The percentage of judges that has been suspended in this state in the pass 50 years is less than 3%. This is a judge that was suspended not once but twice and still managed to hold onto his position as a District Judge. The first suspension was for racial insensitivity, where he dressed up as a black faced prisoner. The second suspension was for gender insensitivity, where he debased a petition of an African American woman.For some unfathomable reason racism was not a part of that complaint, where racial overtures was evident.

After Ellender received national attention for his racial Halloween custom. The local newspaper did an inquiry into Ellender’s past cases to see if they could find racial impropriety between decisions given for white and black defendents. Whether the newspaper was spoon-fed certain cases to give Ellender the appearence of racial unbiasness was never determined. Two cases clearly displays the unfair and raical elements Timothy Ellender has administered with his sentencing process.

The case of Chad Champange, a white male, who received a 12 year sentence from Ellender for manslaughter. The victim in Champagne’s case was a black male, who was shot over a dozen times, and an attempt to dispose of the body was made by burning it up in a car. For the sake of simplicity, this was a white on black crime, hence the lenient sentence.

The case of Eyba Brown, a black male, who received a 60 year sentence from Ellender for armed robbery. The victims in Brown’s case was a white couple. No one was physically harmed during the commencement of the crime. For the sake of simplicity, this was a black on white crime, hence the excessive sentence.

Without debating which crime was the worse, they both was morally wrong. However, on many moral scales the taking of a life has no measure, and can not be restituted. By biblical standards there is the eye for and eye, life for a life principle. Mr. Champagne pled guilty to his crime, where Brown has fought with every fiber of his being to roar his innocence.

These two cases are clear and precise accounts of how Ellender has ruled over his career. How did the local papers miss this? Most importantly, how did the Judiciary Committee, the governing body that yeilds complaints against judges, and recommended the two suspensions against Ellender to the Supreme Coourt of Louisiana.

Two suspensions, one for racial insensitivity, that is just a nice way of saying he do not like black men. The second suspension for gender insensitivity, that is just a nice way of saying he do not like women. So how could a racist and bigot continue his reign on the bench in Louisiana?

This should not be a surprise, this state fought to keep the 10-2 jury verdict rule for years. This rule was right out the Jim Crow chronicles. These laws that failed to incorporate the Amendments from the Bill of Rights, for the sole purpose of continuing slavery in this state. So we easily look at and see permissible racial injustice in this state, and judges like Timothy Ellender have the backing of the organization that kept him in his fresh starched black robe until the day he retired.

After presiding in Terrebonne Parish for over 25 years Ellender has introduced tens of thousands of black people to our penal system, and constinued slavery on a whole new level. All of this was permissible in the eyes of the law.

Eyba Brown
DOC #397750

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