Archie Wilder

Loyalty, by Archie Wilder

What does loyalty mean to you? It seems that in the world today, most people do not display this quality in this me first world. My loyalty does not wane, and it’s sad daily how I see people be disloyal. I see guys that eat with each other everyday, workout together, hang out with each other 24/7.But as soon as they are out of earshot of one another, they are talking about each other like a dog. That’s why its so hard for me to trust anyone.Because if you treat your inner circle that way,how could I stand a chance?Early on in my bit, I remember a time when Co’s would never betray each other or throw one another under the bus. They would cover for each other no matter what. Unless it was something serious involved, like someone losing their life. But that’s even a thing of the past. Inmates at one point and time would handle things amongst themselves, and stay loyal to the prison code of conduct. That is a thing of the past. I used to be loyal to all those things. But guess what? I was the only one being loyal, while everyone else was looking out for themselves. So after so many times of being on the losing end of my loyalty, I’ve learned to be selective on what I place loyalty. My boxing name was ARCHIE PIT BULL WILDER. Now it had a lot to do with my fighting style, but my coach said it was also because of my loyal personality. And I never truly understood that until I was older and I became an animal trainer. I successfully trained over 30 dogs in obedience training. And truly learned that dogs are loyal to the death.. But most of my life I have been loyal to the wrong things. Fake friends and ideologies. I’m now loyal to god first, my children, my close friends and myself.And if you fall in anyone of those categories, just know that I will go to the ends of the earth for you.People who know me inside and outside of prison, know that I’m telling the truth.If I say I got your back I really mean it. Regardless if it’s my kids, friends, or a romantic relationship, my loyalty is to you. I’m not the type of person who would not speak up if someone was bad mouthing a person I’m loyal to.And in the day age to where people will switch up on you depending on whose around, not me!I don’t care who comes around.Rather you are around or not, my loyalty doesn’t change.I feel like Kong on skull island. Let me explain. He was king of his domain, and he was loyal to his island and he protected it.And when new different people came around, he was able to decipher between who was a snake and who wasn’t. And he was willing to get rid of the snakes and protect the good people. Sometimes you can just tell when a person is deserving of your loyalty. Because of how I’ve been played in the past, I’m VERY SELECTIVE on who I give my loyalty to. But once you have it you got it. It just like in the movie Kong skull island, when he saw the girl trying to help the trapped animal and he helped her release it. He could see the good in her and from that point on he was willing to go all out for her.And when she wanted to leave the island he didn’t become possessive, he let her leave. His intentions were pure.I don’t have a weird type of loyalty. Some people will agree with someone even if they are wrong. Not me. If your wrong I’m going to tell you. I might not tell you in front of everyone, but I’m going to tell you the truth if I’m loyal to you. Because what good would it be to you if I allowed someone I’m loyal to, to walk around delusional?Iron sharpens iron, I’m suppose to try and make the people I’m loyal to better in whatever they do.I take pride in being loyal, because its such a rare quality in this day and time. Even if we are upset with each other, I will never betray someone who is loyal to me.their trust is important to me and I will never betray it.Even when my friends have told me things that other people have said behind my back.Instead of confronting the person, I would just keep it to myself. No matter how mad I was. Because to me my friends trust is more important to me than confronting someone who 90%of the time who is going to deny it.I hate it so much when I see people fall out with each other, and just because they are mad at each other they air each others business. I HATE THAT!Even when I’m upset with someone I’m loyal to, I’m never malicious. So basically what I’m saying, is that anyone in my inner circle. (Which is small like a cheerio)Unless YOU severe the ties, we are going down in history 🙂 When my story of life is told,you will be a part of it. All those who care and are ATTACHED AND LOYAL TO ME, AND WHO TRUST ME. And who have my back during these dark times. I truly do APPRECIATE you more than you know. LOVE AND RESPECT

DOC #414-917

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