Nathaniel Mccoy

by Nathaniel Mccoy

At times I wonder if people of America pay attention to the things that transpire.It’s quiet shameful.We’re in a time in age where people don’t consider things that go on important if it don’t pertain to them.Although it may seem as if times has changed we’re still in a era of racisim.Again alot of people don’t pay attention nor do they care to even know what’s going on.In order to liberate yourself along with the ethnic group you come from one has to be coherent to the things that went on through out histiory.For example several people or orginizations has tried to come together and were shot down by a racist government who used their own people to divide them.That form of slavery is still going on today,but no one pay’s any attention.Poor people blame it on the one’s who have money and those that have money say that the poor should get off their asses.Well i totally agree with the rich or wealthy people on that part because if you din’t make your own way no one else will.All people are given equal opportunity but instead they try to take the shorter route with drugs and crime.I also understand that if you are not taught this then you won’t know how you are supposed to make your way through life.So to those of you that would agree you may get the opportunity to follow my blogs.You can reach me at http://www.jpay Mccoy #505368 thanks for considering time to read my thoughts

Nathaniel Mccoy
DOC #505368

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