by Nathaniel McCoy

To build on the concept of LOVE that I spoke of less than two weeks ago I would like to expound on the topic and the various different things Dr.Patricia Dixon-Spear spoke of.(1)She based Love on a cultural level dealing with polygyny,and how it may be useful ,and healthy for African American families.(2)Everyone may or may not agree with here way of thinking but who’s to say that she’s wrong or who’s to say that she’s’s theory might not be accessible for everyone but for those who it apply to I hope that they gain some type of knowledge from this method.(3) If anyone is familiar with the Willie Lynch theory then one would understand why Dr.Patricia Dixon-Spear and the guy Trenyaee she’s conversing with mentioned one living under a slave mind set.In the Willie Lynch passage it was stated that the slave syndrome would work for many years to come an if one is conscious that statement was correct.Why?Because of the fact that African Americans no longer need a slave master them at this day and age because we as a whole behave as if one is still over us.There ate those at have a divide and conquer mindset in which they rebel against one another in an animalistic behavioral pattern or barbaric state….We as a whole without finding ourselves tend to put ourselves back into captivity by re enslaving ourselves.If not physically then it’s done mentaly…That is not Love!!!Other is no unity amongst this ETHNIC culture or group called “African Americans”.?…!!.??Why do you think this race is the only race that can’t define ourselves as a whole…Was Dr.Patricia Dixon-Spear beaks down different concepts to cultural living that was in Africa but abandoned by Europeanized countries or laws through Christianity many people of color strayed away from their actual way of living….Instead of doing research they continued on living these ways from slavery up until this day and age due to lack of knowledge of self…. Not knowing that this was improper or ways taught to keep our culture under the thumb of our predecessors we adapt to these ways as if this was something beneficial..I’m not racisit because there are some goo d people of a Europeanized but some of those folke mean the culture of my ancestors no good…. My mom was born in the 50 ‘s so she had a chance to experience the Jim Crow racial era…..Of course times has changed but those groups of supremacist still exist just in a more modern fashion……It’s time for an actual change but of course those people won’t because they feel that they are the more superior race….It’s not a persons fault that they were born of a certain culture or color!!!(6) Equality is a lot but most don’t understand (2) WISDOM and (7) GOD is what it takes to bring all into order but one has to be ready to submit to the laws of nature….Peace to all who may wanna walk this journey with the GOD……You may contact me at Nathaniel McCoy ..Thank you for your time…..

Nathaniel McCoy
DOC #505368

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