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Heat Wave, by Dean Giacomo

Well I made it through this weekend of 100° plus temps (not including the “heat index), anyway , to beat the heat I wore a wet T-shirt from 10:00 AM until sunset and drank lots of cold water(thank God we have an ice machine in the pod). Actually with the wet T-shirt on it was quite bearable and I couldn’t even tell it was hot.
Today it is, again, going to be blisteringly hot and I have to go to work and the woodshop has been sealed tight as a drum all weekend so no doubt it is fiery hot which when you get half way up the stairs it takes your breath away (figuratively speaking).
But!There is a cold front coming through this afternoon or tonight and the temps are supposed to drop–the high for tomorrow. is supposed to be 77°.
Very hot at work today but it could be worse.
Another day down and only about 5800 to go .
See ya next time

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