A Challenge To Spark Change, by Tony Lewis

Intended for: Donald Trump, The president of the United States Of America

Enough, has reached its limit. ( Ayo John Gray,its time to rally the men who bark…for the time for change has come. Roof!)

Donald, I am disappointed in you. GODs’ plan for us is to reach a state of peaceful harmony; and I gotta say, Donald…your doing a disgraceful job withholding the conduct of a suppose-to-be- impartial leader of the United States.
Donald, today is the day the Believers of Christ, will see who you are. Lets rewind a tad, back to tha particular rally of yours; that rally where a gaggle of disrespectful creatures chanted ” SEND HER BACK!!”( Something which orginated from you, and the comment you’d made via twitter, days prior)
These poor examples of human beings, repeatedly chanted that offensive energy towards you. and not ONCE did you silence them (or attempt to silence them) with displeasure or dissentment. No, instead you stood there, seemingly basking in that amibence of bigotry. At that moment, Donald, God had had enough! And the proof of what I just informed you, is this here document, which is a challenge, for YOU and You ONLY.
Donald Trump, the truth is this: for too long you have displayed the contrast to what a president is supposed to display. And quite frankly, me personally I have had enough of your blatant disreguard to the women of this world. Especially the women of color.
Now, being the person I am, I do not believe all is lost within you, Donald. And because I am who I am, I do believe that all can be restored within your belief. Because it is I, who forewarns you, today is the day you witness; and tremble to the spirit of the Messiah!
Donald, as President of the United States, you have to at all times display the conduct of a man who sees no lines in between race and/ or culture, however, on national television, you displayed the traits of a man who values disdain, over the welfare and respect of the same people you were sworn to protect from people like those Trump supporters.
Donald, for every time those Trump supporters yelled out hateful energy “Send Her Back…” I challange you to donate out of your pocket a million dollars, and split that million dollars among every woman of color in the United States. So, that means, if those people shouted “Send Her Back” (6) times,then you are obligated to spread 6 million dollars across the nation, as a token of your apology. Because on the B.O.S. an apology is most definately needed in this situation.
Donald, there is no gray area in this matter… Because of your blatant disreguarsds for the feelings of one of God’s children you are required to redeem yourself through the action of forgiveness. Come on, Strawberry Shortcake! Take your ass to those television monitors, look out into the world (for once) what you cant seem to do – be a good example for the little ones. Donald, admit you were wrong! Bless these women the way they deserve. And ask for forgiveness, because it aint no if ands or buts about it, you were wrong and out of pocket.
Do you accept this challenge?
I dare you not to.

(P.S. Ayo, John Gray! Get the troops barking, cause its time.)

Sincerly Expressed,

Tony T Lewis
DOC #98308

For support and positive comments, Tony T Lewis can be reached throught he prison email system JPAY.COM

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