Shara Cooper

This Morning, by Shara Cooper

“Somebody get somebody!”
‘Get somebody!”
“Oh my God, get somebody!”
“She cut herself!”

These are screams that I wake up to at 5:30 in the morning. Quite haunting.
Traumatizing early this morning.

I see this girl every single morning as she has the same routine.
She wakes up to be first in the shower and I am normally after her.
In passing each other by we share a soft good morning.

This morning is different as I never got to see her face fresh out of the shower. Rather, I see her face in shock as her neck is covered in blood because she was cutting herself.

My heart drops at the sight.
I whisper a silent prayer.
Standing still in place as the shock washes over me.
Experiencing such heavy emotions early this morning.

This morning is different. How could it not be. There is one crying out desperately for someone to hear.
Will there be anyone to listen?
I could only hope so, that her pain may ease somehow.
This morning, God I pray that You help this young lady heal.

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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