Davin Wallace

Take Joy In The Purpose & Plan, by Davin Wallace

Read John 11: 1-44. The message in church tonight in part came from John 11. It was definitely on time for me & where i’m at in physical location & spiritually as i sit in the presence of God & at His feet & as i wait on the Lord in His perfect timing & plans for His glory. God spoke to me thru a few scriptures tonight.
Knowing we have been, may currently be & one day will be in some situations & or places we may not desire is a test of faith in its self but as children of God we can trust that we will not be in a situation nor place unless God allowed it & has a grand purpose for our being there. Sitting in prison w/a 34 yr. sentence once was a nightmare & a miserable experience due to my separation from God, selfish & humanly thinking & lack of understanding of God’s Word, power, love, mercy & grace for me. After my Lord Jesus heard the news of Lazarus death He let the details of the reality be known in verse 14, by saying, “Lazarus is dead”. Setting the unrealized details for what was going on & what was about to happen so that He alone would get the glory & those who didn’t believe would have a opportunity to now believe thru Lazarus experience & God’s glory. This is also what occurs w/us. Our situations/lives are for God’s purpose & glory. If Lazarus would not have died Jesus couldn’t have used him to reveal who He is & what He is capable & willing to do as our Healer & Deliverer even from physical death. If He can deliver Lazarus from death, the Children of Israel from bondage, Paul from prisoners etc. etc., then He can & has delivered me from prison, us from bad relationships, sickness & sin etc etc. Just as if Jesus had a purpose in Lazarus death, He has a plan for my being here just as He has a glorious plan for your being where u at & a divine for what we are going thru. God definitely doesnt desire nor plan misery, bondage nor suffering for us but He will use those things for our good. Verse 15 shows that its for all our sakes that He didn’t deliver us before the trial because most likely most of us would not been able to experience God’s presence, power, love nor glory. Jesus wanted them & us to know that anything we ask of God will be given to us. And sometimes our experiences lead us to come to God, to ask from Him & to trust Him & this shows that all things work together for our good. At times we can wonder off from the belief/faith that God has given us which lead us to stress & turmoil which runs us away from the promises already established in Christ. Verse 40 reads, “Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest “see the glory of God?” And after taking away the stone, w/confidence Jesus thanked the Father for hearing Him. We need to call to our situations verbally, mentally & spiritually that’s dead to the natural eye so they can come alive spiritually & physically as Jesus called Lazarus forth alive.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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