Michael Dorotiak

by Michael Dorotiak

hello blog world. well its been a hard month kuz i been in and out ofthe hole for two back 2 back fights and did a week in hole the first time then i was out 6 days and got into another one and just did 3 weeks in there! the hole in ohio is a suffering hell they call prison. i was starving and couldnt stop daydreaming of snacks.LOL ive been out a few days so i just wanna send a pic since i shaved up and no longer look like a caveman. (thats what the hole does to us) maybe someone will wanna hang out on these emails so my next months i got left in this shit hole will fly by? all im doing is looking to that release date and im not coming back!!!!!

DOC #A733431

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  1. Pinche Largo!!! No te gusto Ohio no mas guey?? Por que?? Leat your not in Busterville Scrap Central lmao!! Keep ya head akh! Word is bond…


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