Marvis Jones

by Marvis Jones

first n foremost I wonna give a shout out to Suzie and for offering this oppertunity ,…. let me introduce myself and tell y’all a little about myself , my name is marvis Jones but I’m better known as RED, I’m 32 years young as of July 7, I am currently incarcerated for robbery, I’ve been down since 2013 and will be released next year 2020, I can’t Fn wait lol. I’m not to gud at speaking about myself but since I have to I think I can throw a few things together lol. I’m 5’10. about 180 lbs medium athletic built, light skin ,short dreads ,tatted up a lil bit, uh I’m a inspired tattoo artist n wonna be book writer lol. I’m very good with my hands, ambitious, business minded , super down to earth, all personality, and a big heart, I love to laugh n smile, and so much more, I really think I’m a cool ass dude to know, I ain’t telling you nothing you won’t eventually see, I don’t really know how this works but I’ll figure it out lol. so check me. my jpay contact info is marvis Jones #645623c , register to be able to write me….

Marvis Jones
DOC #645623

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