Larry Williams


So there’s a question I’ve been pondering….. What is greatness?… And the reason for this question is because during the course of my life I have gotten the opportunity to witness great people do extraordinary things. People like Obama, Tom Brady, and Serena Williams. And these individuals along with their decorations, are known amongst the elite of their professions. Which begs the question, What does it take to be great? And where does it come from? Is it perseverance? Is it passion? Is it the ability of not settling for anything but the best? Now if you were to ask majority of society this question, they might say something like, “greatness is a set of distinctive skills and characteristics that only a few individuals posses”. And that might be true, partially, but it takes a bit more than that, beyond ones amazing talents. Its like having an fruit tree, you know you got the trunk of the tree, then you have the limbs. Now on the limbs of the tree will be the fruit. The fruit represents the character and skill I was talking about, but in order to grow into its full potential it needs nutrients. And where might this fruit get nutrition? From the soil which comes through the trees roots. So when I see great individuals I just don’t see them and their amazing talents. I trace back to their roots, I wonder, who are the loving, supportive, and nurturing families that they come from. Because if it were intentional or not, that fire that was lit inside them, that burning desire to strive for better was motivated by the love of that family. Now if you noticed I used the word strive, because although we are in our current situations don’t mean that we can’t be great. We are simply great men and women who’s perseverance is being tested. Who’s passion might be a bit obscure. But one thing is for sure and two things are for certain we are great men and women with great families, who won’t allow us to settle for anything but the best. Peace, Love, and Happiness to all.

Larry Williams
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  1. Hi Larry,how are you??..I must admit i’m new to this blogging or vlogging game’s nice to read,learn&try to understand other peoples know we are all individuals,we all learn & cope in diffrent ways..but it’s how we use our lives expierences that really intrest we use the negative to influence us&hopefully turn things round for the better..I genuinely love to listen to people that have been there,done it&got the t-shirt.because if they can do it,it gives others hope that they can do can depend on what support network you can get..but never give up giving up.sending love,peace,happiness&good vibes to yourself&belive in yourself. (I am still learning&I belive you never stop learning).takecare&take it easy..


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