Billy Seagraves

by Billy Seagraves

Hi my name Billy Seagraves741817 im at Lebanon prison address po box 56 Lebanon Ohio 45036 I’m doing 20 years in prison from spring field ohio I’m 6foot 3 inch weight 243 pound I got a 14 year son I love to work on cars and CLIM tree I’m work on better my self why I’m lock and work on be a better dad I’m real good at write poem and love to write I got alote tattoos and I mass up and try to fix it I can’t spell that good I’m hat why I’m in school try get my GED better my self I took a rongbturn in life and never made it back on the right path tell I got this time and realize I lost aver time took work on get back on the right path and my family hear for me and I’m real close with family I’m end this

Billy Seagraves #741817
Po box56
Lebanon Ohio 45036

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