Jeremy Evans

My “Your Last Chance” Blog, by Jeremy Evans

I am down to 23 days until I am FREE this is everyones last chance to be my friend on jpay so we can be friends on the streets at a later date and time….
Where ya’ll at? I know there are plenty of cool ass people out there so all I am sayin is hit me up…
Cant wait until I get out and Im gonna be sayin ” ya forgot me then, so go ahead and forget me now too! ” this goes for everyone who left me hangin and didnt want to be in my life for these past four years! “Outta sight outta mind is a very real thing I guess because it seems as if thats what has happened to everyone in my reguards. If you didnt wanna take the time to get at me while I was down and out at my worst then PLEASE DONT BOTHER when Im up and doing great.
Where are all of my LOYAL females at? Are there any out there? Any independent females that have their own place, own car, a job and a good head on your shoulders? NO JUNKIES, NO GOLD DIGGERS, NO ONE LOOKING FOR A MAN 2 SAVE THEM! I just wanna meet someone on my level who I can build with possibly an empire that thrives together as a team! If you are out there get at me ASAP.
23 DAYS AND COUNTING FOR THE KID! This may very well be my last post while incarcerated!

Jeremy Evans (AKA Kid) #724-179
W.C.I. po box 120
Lebanon, OH 45036
and here on jpay of course

EDS 8-13-this year
23 DAYS AND A WAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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