Alvatina Flucker

Homestead Correctional Institution…Leading By Example (cont), by Alvatina Flucker

Since arriving here in Homestead, it has been the biggest task of my incarceration.
This is the only place I have been in where the long term offenders are content with doing absolutely no extra curricular programming. Actually there are no extra curricular activities available and no one really in a rush to implement any.
There is currently no Chaplain, which is vital to programs. Although we do have an Assistant Warden of Programs, the Chaplain is the one who usually implement those programs.
Right now, our chapel is virtually a ghost town……what do we do?
Well, there is a saying that when under pressure….. what is in you, is what will come out!
I am determined that no matter who is or is not in place……what programs are or are not available, I will walk out what I have learned. I will apply every single principle for success that I have been taught.

Alvatina Flucker
DOC #507101

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