Shara Cooper

Alone, by Shara Cooper

Alone but not alone, this I know.
There is One always with me.
His loyalty and faithfulness walks with me as I go.
Go about my daily affairs in a place such as this.
A place filled with lies, schemes, scars, and doubt.
A place where bestfriends become strange friends due to no loyalty.

I have never been more alright with being by myself than I am right now.
Amazing how crippled one can be really believing that they need someone else on their team.
Another is nice to have but it does not have to be in order for me to carry on happily.
Going through the motions and doing that which every one else will do has become the norm.
I love being by myself having to obliged to no new trend because I rock my own.

In being alone there lies a confident assurance to possess.
Taking care of my own business.
Answering to GOD and only self.
A sad reality sometimes it may feel.
But when I look around this place, the lies and the pain is written all upon their faces.

Alone but never alone because there is truly One who walks with me.
He talks with me and comforts me daily.
There are no games that He tries to run on me.
He is the best friend and the only friend that has loved me through the tears.
He loves me for real.
Alone but never alone because He is always always with me!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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