Larry Williams

Introduction Blog, by Larry Williams

Peace, love, and happiness to everyone out there. My name is Larry Williams aka Larry Live I am 28 years old and I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been incarcerated eleven years with seven months to go. At 17 I was caught with the wrong crowd of individuals and a situation happened that ended up with brother getting sjot. I was sentenced to 12 years which I was not fond of. During this incarceration I was miserable at first, always getting into things, taking sleeping pills to sleep the day away. But as I got older and further into my sentence I willingly became more aware. And I eventually came to a fork in the road, where I had to ask myself. Is this it? Was this the way I wanted to live my lise, for the rest of my life. I had to make a decision, to continue down this or take another route, a much more positive and safer route. So currently I am in college studying sociology. I am the president of my Toast Masters club and a facilitator of an institution program. I am business oriented, but my main focus is mentoring the youth so that I can save lives from the grave yards and prison. I am a positive, outgoing, and genuine guy who loves to read and learn new things. So if you have any questions, comments, or recommendations about anything I blog about give me feedback. But I appreciate you all giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts. Peace, love, and happiness to everyone.

Larry Williams
DOC #617316

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