Christopher Sherrod

Introduction Blog, by Christopher Sherrod

my name is christopher sherrrod i am locked up for a crime that i am totaly innocent of rape i cought the charge when i was 20 years old i was only present for a break in and the peope i was with decided to take some pussy.but anyway i am noe 33 years old i have no family ties anymore except for my mother and every now and then my son is there anyway you can do a kind of social connection between inmates and young ladies on the street.i will love to tell my story about my trip here and how much different i am now as a muture adult.i am apart of the nation of gods and earths and love to build on lots of interresting subject matters such as global warming psychology and social science. what i want everyone to know out there is that we are most definitely not the same individuals we came in as and deserve a second chance to share what we have come to know with the rest of our at risk brothers and sistas of all that they don’t fall victim to this system of enslavement.i know go by the name cipher my name represensts completion peefection and continueation.peace

Christopher Sherrod
DOC #1195349

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