Samuel Jones Jr.

In Prison, by Samuel Jones

(In Prison) What have I been doing in prison?Well,first,let me say that in enspite of my current circumstances,I am truly blessed.I have been accomplishing things in prison that will make me a better person upon my release.Just because a man/woman is incarcerated,does not mean they can not learn anything or be the person God created them to be.As for me,Im taking advantage of all the self-help and rehabilitation programs that is offered by this facility.Yes,I am truly innocent of the crime I have been wrongly convicted of.But instead of putting my focus on my wrongful conviction and my circumstances,I am concentrating on the Word of God and all the programs that are put into place to help inmates like myself exit prison as more a productive and positive person then when they came in.For one,society is ready to wrongfuly convict me again once I am released,but its up to me to allow God to empower and guide me as to where I can take advantage of all the positive opportunities that are offered and avaiable to me.I have learned more in prison than outside.For example,I learned the word”forgiveness”!!Meaning no matter how people treated me,wronged me,and has abandoned me, the bible,Gods Word states that we are to forgive them who has cursed us and love our enemies.Being in prison is a place where people can change and turn their lives around by turning to Jesus.I see alot of inmates leaving prison the same way they came in or worst.Its no fault of the prison system,because they offer all kinds of self-help and rehabilitation programs and its up to us to take advantage of these programs.As for me,I prayed to God for Him to not let me leave this prison the same way I came in! And thanks to Him I am saved and transformed!!.No,I am all that I need to be,but by the grace and mercy of God,I am not what I use to be.I am still under restoration and reconstruction which is a day by day process.In order for one to change,he/she must not be in denial,admitting they are in need of Jesus.You see,I am a NAVY VET and I compare prison to bootcamp,because I am in an controlled environment and not in the free world.So I must learn how to deal with the enemy(the devil) in here because the real war is outside these prison walls.Now how does one deal with an enemy they can not see(the devil)?Yes,I can fight the physical body.But an enemy thats in the spirit(the devil),you have to fight him in the spirit,meaning on your knees in prayer.What I am saying is that after studying the Word of God,I learned that there is a spiritual warfare going on!Thats something I learned in prison.But the most important thing I learned,was that,before I came here,I was on my way to hell!! I realized that I did not have to go because Jesus paid for all my sins! As the first born male to open the womb,I was supposed to be dedicated to the Lord.So you see the devil knew my potential,I did not.So as you read this,you can see that I have learned a lot in prison,Spiritually.As for education,I exelled in that department also and learned that I was not as smart as I thought I was. But here are a list of my accomplishments,IN PRISON. These are the accomplishments that really made my future standout from my past. .Northwestern Louisiana Technical Degree in Automotive Technology .Alldata Automotive Information Specialist Certification .Diploma & Associate Degree In Theology .Re-Entry Pre-Release Program .Louisiana Congretional Medal of Honor (medal awarded for my service to my country from the governor) .Military Service Recognition Certificate from the Secretary of Defense .Serv Safe Food Protection certification .”Cage Your Rage”Anger Management .Risk Management .Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program (I never did drugs,but I learned a lot from this program) .Nurturing Parents .Malachi Dad .Mens Work Fellowship”The Quest For Authentic Manhood” .Wild At Heart(twelve clock hours) Discovering The Secret Of A man is Heart .Prison Fellowship Study(You Are Somebody) .Prison Fellowship Study(Surviving and Thriving) .American Bible Academy Courses .Christian Doctrine Vol 1 -95% .Christian Doctrine Vol 2-93% .The Gospel of John-95% .The Books of Acts-93% .Galatians and Phil.-89% . Faith Institue Biblical Study .Joshua(Exploring Theology) .Exploring Theology .The Bible Speaks .Fundamental Doctrine and Prayers .Purpose Driven Life Course .Masters Level Bible Study(55 clock hours) .Greco Institute(Diocese of Sheveport,LA) Study Course .Book of Leviticus .Book of Numbers .Book of Deuteronomy .Book of Matthew .The Church Correspondence Course .Studies In The Bible Correspondence Course .

Samuel Jones
DOC #00350216

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