Troy McRae Jr.

Saint Loose, by Troy McRae Jr.

I’m stuck in a place where no one knows me. Seeking a way out but, no one shows me. When I figured the way out the people tried to hold me…….back from achieving my dreams of accomplishing greater things. But I’m a conqueror, through it all I stand tall by any means…….I’m gon’ make it back to where I need to be. Back into society where there’s a shortage on men like me. Men of chivalry, men of courage, men of honor…….. I’m gonna make a difference in the youth if it’s the last thing I do. So sick and tired of you feeding them lies when you know you should feed them truth. See these lips upon your face can bear good or bad fruit, so just know that what you teach will either help or hurt the youth. Here I stand on my own two, a living testiment bearing truth. It took me some time but, I’ve shed my demons now let this saint loose……..

Troy McRae Jr.
DOC #739-664

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