Shara Cooper

Does She Really Have To Beg? by Shara Cooper

After 39 years of living in a place such as this…
does she really have to beg?
Obliging to your rules and standards she has long ceased from living foolish.
Living nobly and doing her best to stay positive for decades now gone by.
Is it not enough?
Keep in mind she doesn’t ask for much.
But when she do, you give her hell.
I ask, does she really have to beg?

You could never fully know the mental struggle of one incarcerated after 39 long years.
The daily struggles they embrace as times change right before their face.
Consider the undeniable anguish that flows through their soul.
Living out their reality that this is the place where they have grown old.
A place that has altogether changed not for the better but changed for the worse.

So the every-so-often times that they need a change of something,
They have to prepare for battle knowing that a war is coming.
Minor things like a change of a job, simply needing to take a break.
A change of scenery, simply needing to see a different face.
Could this really be too much to ask?

Among the custody and control the mission of this place states that they care.
So I ask, where?
Where is the care of one 62 years old?
Surely, I have the answer to my own question…
There lies no care in making her beg for a little piece of happy.
The is no care in making her plead for a sense of peace.
There is no care or belief in lives being rehabilitated.
If indeed so…
She would not have to beg!

One could look in her files and see that a great change had come many many years back.
One could ask around about her and here nothing but positive feedback.
Then one would ask ‘what could I do for her?’
Yet, none has dared to step out from among the bullies to boldly assist her.
No care!
Only custody.
All control.

Once again she finds herself in an unwarranted battle,
when all she wants to do is meet her personal goals.
Would the system ever be true to hold to their own goals?
There mission they so boldly make for the free world?
Or, will the system continue on the road of making her beg?

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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