John Caudill

Make An Example, by John Caudill

In these times of trouble,do I set my own fire and burn?
So that the authorities come with the wrath of a woman scorn.
assassinating my character, stand in line wait,murderous pace.
R.E.A.L. Realize Everyone Ain’t Loyal. especially the one that smiles in your face.
I didn’t take it personal, I knew that it was seasonal.
since I knew that I had a head start,
while you was laughin and smilin I was plotting in the dark.
still you remain so dumbfounded and I operated with such smarts.
Focused,Determined,, Committed I AM,characteristics you should have acquired,
in this retardant suit I stand at the center and watch these beautiful flames as y’all are engulfed in my fire.

John Allen Caudill
DOC #647500

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