Tonisha Crowell

Introduction Blog, by Tonisha Crowell

You will find me as Tonisha.
My family call me Che’.
My friends know me as Future.
I am just Me.

34 years old and I have found myself in a place of incarceration but this is not me. I have been given the sentence of life, but that sentence I will not do.

A daughter. A sister. A great friend. Yet most of all, I am a proud mother of two beautiful kids.

I have been gone now for all of five years and I have found that I have so much pinned up inside. A chest full of words to speak. I only hope to find someone who will listen. Listen not only with the ear but also with the heart.I hope to find that someone who will not judge me for who I was,but get to know me for what I’ve become.

I’ve always had that shoulder for someone to lean on,but I never had it in return. Knowing now from what I didn’t know before is that, there’s one person who will always give you their shoulder and never take it away and that is GOD. I’ve become a stronger and better person. I only strive to become more stronger and even better for the future to come. Believe it or not, me living in a dark place such as this, I actually do have some light. With the grace of GOD I’m able to push forward and find a positive for every negative.

There is one thing I can definitely say, and that is, I am blessed in more ways that you can imagine. As I end this with you getting to know who I am. The question is, Who are you? You can contact me by email on, or you can write me directly @

Tonisha Crowell #158942
Lowell Correctional Institution Annex
11120 N.W. Gainesville Road.
Ocala, Florida. 34482

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