Dakota Wolf

Chapter One, by Dakota Wolf

~ Something Went Horribly Wrong~

So my story begins… I was born on the 4th of march 1992 given the name Dakota Miles Wolf. It took a good amount of time for my mother to breathe a semblance of life into me. unfortunately there was something that went horribly wrong. I was born a boy…
This fact would come to haunt me my entire life. Growing up was extremely difficult for me. My alcoholic father turned out to be a full blown peranoid schizophrenic, he had to leave when I was very young due to the nature of his condition.
The earliest childhood memory that strikes me took place during kinder garden at Canyon Creek Elementary. It was the day of Halloween. We were having a party at our school where all the kids could dress up and have fun as there favorite characters a princess, cheerleader, cowgirl none of which I was allowed to be.
While all my friends and class mates got to enjoy the party and have fun, this Halloween would NOT turn out as pleasant for me. My mother forgot to pack my costume that morning, I was to be a skeleton that year. The school was kind enough to call my mother so she could drop my costume off, which I had no interest in wearing what so ever.
At which point everything changed…
A male teacher whose name I have seemed to misplace over the years led me to a library restroom where I was to dress for our Halloween party. This is where he decided to steal from me the innocence of my childhood. This was the day I was sexually assaulted.
After that day I became depressed and withdrawn. I hid myself in a shell of sorts, which was rare behavior for a child of that age, but no one seemed to notice. I suffered in silence, sent to my grandparents to stay day after day as if nothing was wrong.
A year or so later my step father and his daughters became a more constant factor in our lives. This would be yet another change in my life, one that would alter the dynamics at home as I went from being an only child to one of four. Three step sisters and a quote/ un-quote boy right in the middle.
At this point in my life I didn’t think anything was wrong with me. I learned to feel again and buried the pain deep within. I began to play with dolls, dress up, have tea parties and sleep overs with friends, of which were mostly my sisters and their friends. I didn’t realize that this meant I didn’t fit the social “norm” of a young boy… I fit the description of what should have been a little girl.
My mother said it was a phase, so did my step father which they have continuously reminded me for over eighteen years of my life. However we will speak more on that later.

Dakota Wolf
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    • your welcome! it is so nice to be heard, and to be real about myself and my story. I his who I was for so long, I finally am starting to feel comfortable with my past and who I am now. hopefully my story can reach others to being their most authentic self. I look forward to communicating more in the future, and will be posting more blogs hopefully very soon. thank you for reading my story!

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