Davin Wallace

Expecting Results, by Davin Wallace

Read James 4:23
Are our needs really being met? If not then the question should be why not.
But i can do u a favor & tell u why according to God’s Word. First let me paint a picture. Imagine u was 300pds trying to lose weight or was 100 pds trying to gain weight & your spouse & parents out of love went out & got u the best personal physical fitness trainer/nutritionist & sent Him directly to u. He showed u all that u need to do & eat by example & a complete thoroughly blueprint to receiving all that u desire, & that the trainer was willing to give. And then top it off the trainer told u, “I’m go be your partner, teacher & strength all the way through the process, and u had to do is call him & let him Know what u wanted according to what he was offering, which is a fool proof plan. U get excited & amped to go but every time it was time to call him u didn’t & every so often u cried about your weight. This is what we do who know God’s Word but never call Him to get the results He has promised.
According to God’s Word of God, it’s either because you’re not praying about your needs or because when u do pray you’re praying wrong. I hate to be the deliver of bad news, but i love to be the deliver of the good news/the gospel. i don’t know more than no one according to my own knowledge but if u don’t know the Word of God u lack the truth to our already victory. What does it mean to pray wrong? In many cases it simply mean to pray w/out expecting results. Many believers do that. i use to do it like it was part of the blue print. It was like i was using prayer like a wishbone or wishing well. i played around w/prayer & it’s access to the given promises & privileges of God. Often many Christians approach prayer w/the attitude of let me try this.. If that’s your attitude then u need to change that right now, ASAP! It’s a must & only way of receiving our desires through prayer. Stop praying because its the proper thing to do as a Christian or because it look, sound & or feel good to your flesh & natural mind. Stop praying because u in church or because others want u to, but pray to get results. Pray in the name of Jesus, according to the Word of God & expect to receive what u ask for every single time. Let our prayer, declaration, talk, faith & hope be bold! It’s our right & promise. We’ve been invited to come boldly before the throne of grace that we may obtain…(Heb. 4:16). Obtain is a word of certainty.It means to get possession. So pray, expecting to get possession of what u need, not just one in a while, but every time! When prayers do go unanswered, don’t just wander away saying, “I guess u never know what God is going to do.” Tackle the problem w/both hands! Go to God in prayer & in the Word & find out where u missed it & get the problem corrected. When we go to God accurately based on His Word led by Holy Spirit we can be confident knowing what God is going to do based on what He already gave us. He is going to answer w/out a doubt as u ask & desire..i’ve seen the b.s.(forgive me, but i get overly excited about this) come against my body, mind, family, money, freedom etc. literally, but standing on the Word of God faithfully none of it never prospered & i even came out of the fake already defeated attack a greater person physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually which God always got & will get the glory & set my mind & spirit to expect & welcome attacks & i love it (the fact God is great which makes me great). i’m not saying we never experience pain & duress but what i am saying is i trust that my God/Father is literally greater & all things work together for my good/greater! God Bless & Love to all!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC 1101851

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