Archie Wilder

Does Money Matter? by Archie Wilder

Jeffrey Epstein is a billionaire who is in the news for sex crimes involving children. But what’s so alarming is that this isn’t the first time. Yrs ago he was charged with similar crimes involving children. Now the average person would not have seen the light of day again if he had been charged with these same crimes.But because he is a billionaire he was able to finesse his way out of it.Now everyone is asking how.Because he has money that’s how.It has nothing to with his race or anything of that nature. It simply has to do with him having money. Its not the first time or the last that those with money and prestige will get out of crimes that the average person would not. It’s sad how money can make people look the other way no matter how heinous the crimes are. Money can help guilty people go free, but innocent poor people (black and white) go to jail daily for crimes they did not commit.Or they get railroaded or over sentenced for their crimes because they don’t have the money to defend themselves properly. So I guess when it comes to justice, MONEY DOES MATTER!

DOC #414-917

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  1. Yes, of course this is a huge issue. Rich people can give their victims “hush money” to hide their crimes and the poor cannot. So this is not liberty and justice for all. The Catholic Church, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, (I would say Michael Jackson, but I believe he is innocent) etc. But now days these rich sex offenders are losing the immunity to prosecution that money can buy. It doesn’t help that crimes like masturbating in public, or indecent exposure are considered petty nuisances (they are not- they often lead to more serious crimes) and urinating in the bushes by a male can be considered indecent exposure. Nor does it help that Hollywood creates these phony television families, meanwhile in Hollywood, the same movie stars in those phony family sitcoms are sleeping their way to the top, trading sex for fame, and Presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton was or is friends with the likes of Harvey Weinstein, yet she and her philandering husband Bill were making all the laws that rule in family court, yet these sex crimes are destroying the heart of the family. Since you are in prison, I am not sure if you have seen the recent television commercials about law suits against the Boy Scouts for sex crimes. So, slowly the judicial system is making in roads. Many victims of sexual abuse then grow up to be sex offenders.


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