Davin Wallace

Why So Bitter? by Davin Wallace

Read Heb. 12:15
Bitterness has a tenacious way of taking root deep w/in the soul & resisting all efforts to weed it out. Bitterness occurs for many reasons. It might come from deep hurts received as a child, hurt that’s hard to forget. Time, rather than diminishing the hurt, only seems to sharpen the pain. Bitterness can result from hurtful words of a spouse, parent, coworker or & friend. Often the person who hurt us is aware of the extent of our bitterness. U find yourself rehearsing the offense over & over again, each time driving the root of the bitterness deeper w/in your soul. Bitterness can derive from a sense of being unjustly treated.
Bitterness is easy to justify. U can get so use to a bitter heart that u are even comfortable w/it, but it will destroy u. Only God is fully aware of its destructive potential. There is nothing so deeply imbedded in your heart that God’s grace cannot reach down & remove it. No area in your life is so painful that God’s grace cannot bring total healing. No offense committed against us is so heinous that God’s love can’t enable us to forgive. When we allow bitterness to grow in our lives, we reject the grace of God that can free us. If we are honest before God, we will admit the bitterness & allow God to forgive us. Bitterness enslaves us, but God is prepared to remove our bitterness & replace it w/His peace & joy. For the next 11days starting July 11th i welcome all to join me in studying, meditating on & praying on: (July 11th, The Chosen: having been selected as the best or most appropriate, 1 Chron.16:11; Isaiah 41:8-10; Eph.3:8-9 Col.3:12-15 & 1 Pet.2:9); (12th Deliverance- to liberate & set free from danger 2 Chronic. 20:17; Ps.60:11-12; Phil. 1:19); (13th Freedom- liberation Ps. 68:6; Rom.6:14-18; 2Cor.3:17); (14th Impossible- not able to occur, exist, or be done, Matt.17:20; Mark 10:24-27; Rom.4:18); (15th Miracles- surprising & welcome events that are not explicable by natural or scientific law, Dan.4:2-3; 2Chron. 32:24); (16th Opportunity- a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something, Acts 27:25; 2Cor. 2:12); (17th Patience- the ability to wait or endure calmly & without complaint, refusing to be provoked, Eccl.7:8; Rom.2:4;.8:22-25; 15:4-5; Col.1:11; 2Thess.3:5; Heb.6:10-12; 2Pet.3:8-9); (18th Strenght- strong, durable, the power to resist, 2Chron. 16:9, Ps.46:1; 73:26; Isaiah 40:29; Acts3:16; 2Cor.12:9; Eph. 3:16); (19th Suffering- the state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship, Rom.8:17-18; 2 Cor.4:17; James1:2-6; 1Pet.4:16); (20th Understanding-awareness; comprehension, Mark4:24-25; 1Cor.2:10-12; 2Pet.1:5-8); (21st Healing- to restore to health, to make well, Prov. 3:7-8; 4:20-22; Isaiah 38:16; 53:4-5; Matt.8:14-17; 9:20-22; 10:1).

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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