Archie Wilder

What Role Are You Playing In The Movie? by Archie Wilder

It’s funny how you can have conversation with someone, and the exact thing that you were talking about comes out in other area’s of your life.I was just speaking with someone the other day about allowing someone to paint a picture of them that wasn’t true. And now one of my family members is going through the exact same thing. I liken it to playing a part or role in a movie. Now if your auditioning for the movie that’s one thing.But if your not, why would you allow someone to continue to cast you in their movie? My family member is a good girl who has allowed a snake to get up under her.Now this guy has no good intentions for her,nor are they together anymore.But she still allows him to put her in peculiar situations. And when I talk to her I get the same usual response that I get from kind hearted good people. She doesn’t want to be mean,or she doesn’t want to feel like she has to change. But I ask her when are you going to do what’s right for you and the ones you care about? I’ve also allowed myself to play a part in someone else’s movie. Not to brag or boast, but in every prison I’ve been in my name holds weight. Amongst the staff and inmates. Amongst the staff for being a guy that they never have to police, and being a peace maker. Amongst the inmates, being a stand up guy and minding my own business. Not being afraid of anyone. And looking after the weak and standing up to bullies.And every gang in Ohio prisons respect me. Even the so called white supremacist groups. Because my word is all that I have and I stand for what is right. That’s not me tooting my own horn,those are true words to who I am as a man. But anyway back to the story. I almost got stabbed once because I allowed a snake to get up under me. And he use to try and hang out with me everyday. And at first I thought it was odd,but it wasn’t nothing I gave much thought to. Until one day a guy named zippo who worked with me in odr,and he was a known stabber.Approached me and said can I talk to you. Now let me remind you this is a level 3/4 prison where I’ve witnessed multiple stabbings and murders. So we starting talking, so he asked me did I know so and so.And I was like yeah,I know him. And he asked me what was our relationship.I said he cool.I would consider him an associate, not a friend. And he proceeded to tell me that him and the rest of his gang were planning to hit me at recreation. You know why?Because this snake was painting a picture unbeknownst to me that I was his enforcer for him and his gang. And that was major. Because at this time in my bit, I had beat up 2&3 guys at time and prevailed. I had fought guys with weapons and prevailed. Even though I never went to the hole for those things, the inmate population knew they were true. So confronting me head on was not going to be their approach. It’s a good thing one of those guys knew me and told them that I was approachable. Because if not I may not have been here today.That could have cost me my life. I don’t like telling these stories because I feel like I’m glorifying prison life. But if my mistakes can help anyone I care about, I will share my secrets. Another time I almost ended up in lucasville or Osp, by allowing someone to paint a picture. With one certain gang on the street and in prison my name and word holds weight. Even though I had given up the street life, I still had influence. So I would still allow these guys who was full fledged gangbangers to workout with me and walk the yard with me.I’ve never been a gangbanger, but some of these guys I grew up with. And the younger one’s I knew their mom’s and dad’s. But again unbeknownst to me, because of my influence and reputation they were telling other convict’s that I was their og. Which means that they answer to me and that I make all the major decisions for them. I didn’t catch it at first. But I noticed that every time major gang fights or disagreements happen in the prison, other gang members and even the administration was coming to talk to me. And I’m like wait a minute, how did it come to this? But when I reflected on it, I realized I had let them paint a picture. I IMMEDIATELY TOOK ACTION, I DIDN’T WAIT! I stopped hanging out with them.I quit even going to the chow hall. To this day I mostly do EVERYTHING BY MYSELF. And it’s a good thing I did quit associating with those guys. Because shortly after that, the administration came and locked up every gang head and rode them all out to lucasville and Osp.Another bullet dodged and a valuable lessoned learned. But I know a lot of people who never get a second chance to make that first mistake. Like I’m saying to my family member and anyone else who will listen. CUT YOUR TIES NOW!F#ck being nice and cordial, because continued association with these individuals could be detrimental to your well being. I’m not saying that I never spoke again to those individuals who painted those pictures of me.But it was only in passing. Never not once did we bend laps around the yard.Nor would I sit and eat with them.NOR WOULD I ALLOW THEM TO STOP ME IN FRONT OF EVERYONE, SO THAT THEY COULD CONTINUE TO CAST ME IN THEIR MOVIE. MY Question is simple, if you don’t want to be in the movie, why do YOU still allow someone to cast you in their movie? Just stop playing the role!its just that simple. He means you NO GOOD,SO WHAT IS THE POINT OF CONTINUING TO SMALL TALK AND ASSOCIATE?NONE!Cut the dead weight and move on.I could see if it was a necessity to have them in your circle, or you HAD TO DEAL WITH THEM. BUT YOU DON’T! EVERY WORD YOU SPEAK AND ANYTIME YOU SPEND TIME WITH THEM.YOU ARE CONTINUING TO CAST YOUR SELF IN THEIR MOVIE.HE IS NEVER GOING TO TAKE YOU OUT THE MOVIE. WHEN ARE GOING TO DO WHAT’S BEST FOR AND FORGET THE LAMES AND SNAKE’S FEELINGS.

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