John Hudson

by John Hudson

Hello Blog World, hope everyone is having a great summer so far! As for me, I am making the best out of this unfortunate circumstance! I kno I usually write a song or a poem and altho I do have a few new ones I’d luv to share I am gonna switch it up and just give yall some food for thought! Now I write this for the openminded that see things from many perspectives and for those that think for themselves and not let others thoughts or opinions effect their decisions!
Now with that being said, I want to kno who believes in a broken judicial system where there is injustice for the uneducated and so much politics in the courts and Institutions that even sumone who isnt incarcerated feels as if they are! Especially friends or family of the incarcerated! Do u believe in innocence or oversentencing? Just in Ohio, statistics say where there is over 50,000 incarcerated men and women in state institutions there is at least 1 in every 750 inmates who were wrongfully convicted so that’s at a minimum 66 inmates overall! Out of those over 50,000 inmates, a 3rd of them has received over what their recommended sentence should be! Even tho the law states that 1st time offenders should receive the minimum sentence, the judges still hand down the harshest sentence and in most cases the max sentence allowed according to the law. When u ponder whether there are innocent people in prison, think of the Central Park 5! They were 5 young men who spent over a decade of their lives in prison for a crime they never committed! They were eventually exonerated after many years of fighting to prove the system was corrupt with people who swear to serve, protect and uphold the peace and justice to those who reside in their community! I personally know about innocence becuz of personal experiences! First off, my aunt Fae spent 16 yrs in prison for a crime her boyfriend at the time committed!! And I know he committed it becuz as an 8 yr old u don’t forget seeing sumthing as traumatic as watching a man rape and beat your 3 yr old cuzin in front of u until she was lifeless! Sheila Marie Evans died at the hands of her attacker while my aunt had her 2 young children at the doctors and only becuz Ronald Phillips claimed that she was aware of his abusiveness, and aware she was but also in fear for her life and the life of her family because he put a gun to her head and vowed to take her life and the life of everyone she loved if she ever left or told anybody about his abuse, she was charged with involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment! This took place in 1993 in Akron Ohio! She got cancer in 2007 and it took her life in 2008 before she could see freedom again! Even after the doctors gave her a max of 4 months to live the prosecutors refused her release to pass in peace with family. I also kno about innocence becuz I myself, has also been wrongfully convicted! Now I’m not writing this to make u think diffrently of me or for any sympathy or whatever! I have been charged with any extremely heinous crime and was convicted off of here-say statements and false confessions and was sentenced to 888.88 or Life Without Parole which is the max of what I could receive for such crimes and if I were to be truly guilty for what I’ve been charged with then I’d say I deserve it! Hell a crime like that should be punishable by death but not only do I proclaim my innocence but I have solid proof! Although it wasn’t allowed to be submitted into court, I have the DNA results that could exonerate anybody but because the results weren’t legally obtained, they weren’t submissable in court! In fact, it even says “John Hudson is NOT the source of the DNA found in these samples”! But becuz of my lack of education of the law and my rights, I allowed them to use me as puppet to say all the things they needed me to say at all the right times! I was once frustrated and contemplated ending my fight to prove my innocence and end my life altogether but not only would I let the system win, but I would also not be able to be the voice for many men and women who feel just like me! Am I guilty?!?! I am guilty of not being a better father! I’m guilty of being an addict at one point. I may even be guilty of not growing out of my childish ways and being the man that everyone believed I could better myself and become but I assure I am NOT guilty of this crime.
Allow me to avert the attention because this is in no way, shape or form about me but about every single man and women that is incarcerated! Whether they are guilty or innocent, they are still human and they are husbands, wife’s, dads, moms, and brothers and sisters to someone! When we were sentenced, it was almost as if the system put duck tape across our mouths so that leaves us reaching out to sumone who can stand up and speak out for us! We demand prison reform and we demand it soon! The prisons are way overcrowded and there is no such thing as “Rehabilitation and Corrections”, the system is running modern day concentration camps where we are forced into slave labor for $12-$19 a month and they don’t care if we’ve made ammends with those we hurt, or have changed our lives to be better men and women and more productive citizens to society! Instead they continue being billionaires off housing us in their institutions! Those that are fortunate enuff to go see a parole board must face a panel of strangers who know absolutely nothing about you except that they hate convicts and they wanna give you more time! Why shouldn’t people deserve second chances? We are not perfect by any standards and in Gods standards we all sin and fall short of the glory of God! I wish to leave you with this! Your love and support matters to us! And any ideas to reform the prisons is welcome! To the loved ones of the incarcerated keep faith and God Bless! Your the reason we fight thru each day.
Wish to comment to correspond feel free to email me at!

John Hudson
DOC #572-824

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