Troy Simmons

Bad Weather!!! (part 4), by Troy Simmons

Change has come now, I’m close to the ending,
The rains are slowing and the clouds are thinning.
The waters are receding and the worst is behind me,
I’m just hoping that someone can find me.
My village has been destroyed, the residents are gone,
My throne has been tarnished, washed away is my home.
Slowly wearing away are the steel and concrete,
And pretty soon I’ll be able to walk the street.
With a rehabbed mentality and the breaking of the sun,
I’m trying to heal from the damage that’s been done.
The fires are out, they no longer burn,
Finding a home is my official concern.
And while there are a few trying to engage the scene,
I’m a King and therefore I’m in need of a Queen.
But this whole ordeal has been my worse endeavor,
Please believe I can’t take anymore Bad Weather.

Troy Simmons
DOC #a405559

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