Archie Wilder

Only In Prison, by Archie Wilder

Its things that happen everyday in prison that people in society would not believe.Prison is a world of it’s own. Some of the things I’m going to tell you will probably shock you. But just imagine being a sane person and having to deal with this daily for multiple years. I have met a lot of intelligent people over the years in prison. So it has nothing to do with intelligence. What it has to do with is a persons morals and values.Time and the influence of this environment can play on the mental psyche. One of the most funniest to me is this one,you have inmates who steal out of the kitchen, or who steal extra trays.And they really believe that its going to hurt the state.They say things like,”I’m going to take all I can from the state to hurt their pockets”.And its the funniest thing ever. Because for over a decade I ran the storageroom in the kitchen.So it was my job to order all the food. And each tray cost under 2$ on average per tray. So they hate when I tell them, I don’t care how much you steal, it will never force them to release you or anyone else.But other than prison, who thinks like that?If you have a disagreement with another human being, would you take and put your urine and feces in a cup or shampoo bottle and throw it someone? Of course you wouldn’t, no sane person would.But it happens in prison. Last night the c.o. lost the back piece to a cordless phone. Now their is absolutely nothing that anyone can do with this back piece. So why keep it? Especially when you know that your actions are going to affect everyone else around you?If you saw someone of the opposite sex,and they do not know you. Would your first interaction with them be to expose your genitals to them?Of course it wouldn’t. But it happens in prison all the time. But these guys trick themselves into believing that all the females who work in prisons want to see that or they wouldn’t be working here. Insane!But I can’t lie, I have ran into some c.o.’s that have been off into that. But I stay away from them also.Because if that’s what floats your boat,your just as sick as the guy doing it.Deprivation can make men except certain behavior in prison. Not me.My location and circumstances will never change my standards. An alternative life style is very popular in prison. Its a very small number of US that do not indulge. I respect the ones who tell you who they are upfront. I hate all the guys who hide who they are,and we can all see them sneaking and faking. Just gay for the stay.Then you have the individuals who love to cause chaos. Always starting trouble, or spreading gossip, or slandering someone just for fun. Sometimes I wish I had a red bull,so I could just fly away šŸ™‚

DOC #414-917

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