Archie Wilder

FALL FOR YOUR TYPE, by Archie Wilder

That is the name of a song by Jamie foxx.Now after listening to it do you agree with it?He is basically saying that we seem to always fall for the same type of woman. And for you women,the same type of man.At first I felt like its not possible. But we are creatures of habit. And when I look back on the relationships that I’ve had,its pretty much true. It seems that I fall for the squares. Now let me explain what I mean by squares, before anyone takes offense. What I mean by squares is that they are not from the streets like I am. Even the ones that were from the inner city, they were still squares.I use to always hit it off with these type, because even though I was from the streets my mom would not allow us to not go to school. My big brother Greg was moved from the 1st to 3rd grade. And then from the 4th to the 6th grade. My lil sister ebony was so smart they wanted her to skip middle school and go straight to highschool. But she didn’t want to leave her friends. My lil sister Ivory was asked to go to school for gifted children. But without the proper guidance,those opportunities developed into nothing.As for myself, I excelled in school. And after finishing my junior yr in highschool I got into trouble. I passed so high on the pre-ged they allowed me to enroll in college before having my GED. My major was computer science, and my minor social science. Then I switched my major to business management. So basically even though I was a product of the streets I was still educated. My mom would always challenge us mentally. So when I became a teenager I enjoyed building with girls who could challenge me mentally. And a lot of these girls was the square type. They were not slow.They were very smart.And off my appearance they didn’t know I had something going on in my brain. But I like women who didn’t know all the slang, and was naive to alot of the street life. Who I could challenge mentally and also expect to be challenged mentally by her.Someone I can have a conversation with and not have to explain every word that I use.A good girl, trustworthy. Someone who knows how to conduct herself in public and around other men.Not all the women I have dated fell into this class.But all the women I truly cared about have.plain Jane is fine with me:-) Because I’ve had all the other stuff the people of the world hold of high value. The women who are beautiful on the outside, but their hearts are as black as coal. They have no qualities of good value. Just looks.Because looks will fade at some point. Even though I look good for my age,45 and ripped:-) I have so much more to offer, And I look for so much more in my woman. I don’t expect perfection,because I’m not perfect. But I do look for that kindness and sweetness,and a woman who can hold her own in a educated conversation. When I was a boy I wanted those type of girls to be my girlfriend. Now as a man I want one as a wife. I have more behind me than I do in front of me (time that is).I just want to spend the rest of it faithfully making one woman the happiest woman on the planet. Because as a young man if I could keep multiple women happy at one time when I was playing the field,I should have no problem keeping one happy forever. Most would think after 18yrs who wants to settle down. I do,because I have spent enough of my life striving after the wind.I’m not going to be in rush,I’ve waited this long. And anything good worth having is worth waiting for.I KNOW A PRICELESS RARE JEWEL WHEN I SEE ONE, AND THAT GOOD GIRL IS WORTH WAITING FOR.

DOC #414-917

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