American Seeking Asylum, by Douglas Haddix

Like those on the border I too was born poor, but born poor in America. My community too is a war zone with gangs and guns. With death and drugs. With rape and violence. Women and Children are not safe in my homeland that I call my community.

I fear going outside on my porch because gun bullets made hit me and kill me.

I fear going to the grocery store to shop due to gang violence and robbery.

I cannot go out to have fun because I fear a white man may kill everyone having fun with an assault rifle of some kind.

I fear meeting a women because she may be in a gang and will have me kidnapped and beated if I will not pay money for my release.

I fear the all police and them wanting to shoot me because they believe I have a gun or they think I do drugs.

I have fear of not eating for days because I cannot get a job after the police have falsely arrested and convicted me.

So, I am seeking Asylum in a rich community and with a rich family to sponsor me.

This is a tax deductible sponsorship. I desire the same as those on the border, right!

So, please, contact me and sponsor me for Asylum in America. I have fled the dangers of poor homeland community. Just one rich family and I will okay.

Douglas Haddix
DOC #304-270

Categories: politics

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