My Brother, by John Seay

I’ve been waiting for you all my life. Growing up praying for you every time my mom was pregnant, only to gain another sister. Don’t get it twisted, I love all my sister’s but I’ve always wanted a brother. It would have been so awesome to have had you when we were both growing up so we could have played catch, shot some basketball and gone fishing, or just to talk with. Not in a million years would I have expected to meet you in such a dark and negative place, a prison. Yet, even in such a place you were a light that helped me navigate through some tough times. Took a long time for me to open up and let you in, for that I apologize, I now understand you’ve always had my back and best interest in mind. Have to remember in this joint no one really cares about you, just what they can get from you, so to find someone like you, its a rarity. You have always been a rational person that I’ve trusted with my deepest darkest secrets and you never judged me for my many failures in life. I appreciate all that you’ve shown and done for and with me. Over the years that we’ve spent in that box, you have become family, the brother I’ve always wanted. My best friend, not like all the cling-ons that were only around to take, just the opposite, you only give and don’t like to receive. Took some time but you finally came around to learning how to receive some of the many blessings you give out daily. Really miss my “meal buddy” and my best friend, hope to join you out their in society one day very soon, for we have so much more to accomplish in this life. Not going to front, its much harder without you around, but I’m so happy for how well you’ve adjusted and settled back into society. Just worry you’re working yourself to hard at times. Nothing wrong with pacing yourself homeboy, take your time, I’ll be there soon to lighten your work load and help JK Prod. get that money. Until then I’m living vicariously through you. I really hope to be there when you say those vows and tie the knot with Christie! If not, you best have a video and lots of pictures for big bro. Sorry for all of the arguments and my attitude at times over the years, lol. I know I’m hard to deal with but at the end of the day, I love you man. I don’t have anyone more dependable, trust worthy, or caring than you. Not often if ever does one find such a genuine, kind, compassionate, loving, sincere, competitive, funny, smart, outgoing person to have in ones life. Have to say, KJ you’re truly one of a kind and you have a good heart. I’m so thankful for having the privilege to call you my Brother! Just wanted to write this and post it on the blog because I finally found my brother. Only took 27 years for us to meet and now 11 plus years later we’re brothers for life! Can’t wait until we can fully experience life in the free world, for I have so much that I wish to do with him. Number one is attend a Warriors-Lakers game so he can watch Stephen Curry rain 3’s on prince james! I’ve now found two of the best people in my life, in prison, Jesus Christ and my brother KJ. Here’s to the good times that await us upon my return to society. Much love and respect Brother!

John L. Seay
DOC #1186157

Categories: family, John Seay

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