Troy Simmons

Bad Weather!!! (part 3), by Troy Simmons

This journey was horrible, my needs were dire,
Resources dried up, lightening strikes caused fires.
Rapidly raging burning out of control,
Being corrected by a system that doesn’t have a soul.
Mother Nature put her hand down and her hand was heavy,
And my heart got broke like the New Orleans levees.
All of the coasts I knew got washed away,
A few faded in and out to this day.
The one I needed, the one that plagues my mind,
Is the same one who just didn’t have the time.
I asked for the strength and security of a ladder,
Tsunamis coming and things were getting badder.
All and all I guess the Queen couldn’t cope,
Throwing strings here and there when I needed a rope.
But I stopped being mad cause I know its going to get better,
With a sign I’m stood on a roof getting wetter.

Troy Simmons
DOC #a405559

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