Chad Barnette

Sacrifices, by Chad Barnette

in our everyday lives we learn that in order to get what we want in life,or abtain a certain amount of power,its a must we make sacrifices that we wouldnt normally that sacrifice is giving up something big,or its giving up something small,sacrifices are made daily.for example if somebody came to you today and told you that they can change your life forever and that all your worries would go away wouldn’t you take them up on that offer?I’m quite sure 90% of the world would..but check this out in order for your life to change its a must you sign your name on the doted line of all the uncertainty that lies ahead.
question is do you still wanta proceed?? or is your will power stronger than what you think?you see daily on TV and in everyday life on how sacrifices are being made.some people sacrifice their families in desperate search of a larger life,while others would literally give their enemy their best friend for the love of the money.crazy ain’t it?but its true,and in order to get the things you never had you have to do something you wouldn’t normally do to get it..and that’s to sacrifice something you hold dear to your is that you that this letter apply to?some people really don’t know the value of their selves until they face with a life situation that make em choose between good and bad..and then and only then the sacrifice is made to make you go against every principle and every moral that you once stood on.this is called(dancing with the devil now)alot of people sell their souls in hopes to have a better life,not knowing that,that better life comes with a small price tag.we all know that nothing in this world is free,not even the water we drink,everything has a price and every principle and moral must be tested..with that being said if ever faced with the opportunity to live beyond your wildest dreams and have everything you always wanted in the world,would you give up something you love to get it???
( the realist shit I ever wrote)

contact info:

Chad Barnette #424-293
po box45699 (socf)
lucasville,Ohio 45699

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