Angelo Vasquez

FIVE OF SWORDS, by Angelo Vasquez

A knave has captured the swords of his adversaries, who depart in dejection. Storm clouds fill sky. The Querent may be either the conquered or conqueror, depending on the next card. Really no one is just one, we gain in loss and vice versa.
Degradation, unfairness, slander, cruelty, cowardliness. Key words to describe what affects you and effects the scene around you. Now we can imagine in a former life on earth we were with another human being. Manifold things resulted from our life together,continuing in the life between death and new birth. Under the influences of the forces of our hierarchies, our thoughts and cosmic impulses. In the spiritual existence is fashioned and created what shall pass over from the experiences of our former lives on earth into the next life. Our sympathies and antipathies enable us to find in life the human beings with who we must now bump into, bond with, fight and love et cetera.
When we become aware of the scene we are now applying our potential clairvoyance. Life is about experiencing the gain and loss though most of all understanding why.
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Angelo Vasquez
DOC #G07505

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