Troy Simmons

Bad Weather!!! (part 2), by Troy Simmons

So the winds got stronger, large gusts and gales,
While this lady had my truth and her justice on a scale.
And my lady had a little injustice of her own,
Which solidifies the fact that I’d been removed from my throne.
Didn’t see that coming, the rains won’t stop,
Cold front meets warm front, somethings going to pop.
The parable states it took 40 and 40 to flood the world,
Took 265 days to separate me from my world.
And just like that in my fight to survive,
These torrential rain storms turned into a category F5.
Promises were broken like cheap umbrellas,
And the lies were many like locks on cellars.
Couldn’t get in or better yet couldn’t get out,
And I didn’t know how long I can ride this one out.
I couldn’t lose focus, I needed my mind,
to get through this storm of numerous time.

Troy Simmons
DOC #a405559

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