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Introduction Blog, by Keyon Vaughan

My name is Keyon Vaughan and. I’m 25 years of age. Alot of people say i still look like I’m 17 or 18.

To go into more details, My birthday is August 16th so that makes me a Leo. I have no children but I’m all about my family especially my niece. So it’s me, my mom and my two sisters. Ones younger then me and the other is older then me. 21,25, and 27 are all our ages.

I’ve been incarcerated since i was 20 years old and still have a little bit more to go. I was sentenced to do 4 years and 19 months, Which is 5 years and 6 months in state prison. Along with a sentenced of 120 months which his10 years in F.B.O.P. Federal bureau of prisons.

More on the upside, My time in prison help me develop into a better person. All day your surrounded by negative energy. I’ve learned to avoid the negative energy and embrace the positive vibes.

The way people think prison is and the people inside it are complete stereotype but some things are true. I would love to give you and everyone else my view from the inside.

Thank you for the opportunity. Until next time. Head up never down. Aim for the stars and not the ground.

Keyon Vaughan
DOC #1464353

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